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Our Missions

Creating Disciples for the Kingdom

We seek to create disciples for Christ through a first hand and personal demonstration of His love for the individuals in our community.

Dispensing Food & Clothing

We collect, organize, and deliver clothing to meet the needs of the homeless in our area.

Character Development Seminars

We provide seminars and education on character development to help people in need make changes to get back on their feet.

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We would love the opportunity to talk to you about our mission. We are making an impact on the community spreading faith, hope, and love.

POEM of the Hot Sauce Man

It’s 30° and I’m down on my knees
Please let him come, Lord, I’m begging you please
Out of the night he pulls up with a smile
He says come to my truck, let’s talk awhile
Wonderful soup is his language of love
With a warm piece of cornbread sent from above
And a special sauce that he makes like no one else can
That’s why we call him the Hot Sauce Man
Beef, chicken, cabbage, with beans
His soup is the best if you know what I mean
And he serves his soup from a giant drum
And he keeps on serving as long as they come
When we thank him he says praise I do not deserve
You speak of my father the one whom I serve
And as his truck disappears into the night
We thank our Father for now we’ll sleep tight
Bless him Father as only you can
Thank you Lord Jesus and God bless
The Hot Sauce man