About Our Work

Our Mission

Creating disciples for the Kingdom and easing human suffering through dispensing food, clothing, hygiene, and the word of God to the unsheltered homeless in Atlanta.

Our History

Just ordinary people like you that believe the word of God and found guidance in the words of Matthew 25:35-40. Kip Dobbs and Randy Espy began to serve the homeless after a Bible study lead them to the streets of Atlanta. Wanda Dobbs and Kori Kosteski then joined to help minister to those who were unsheltered. A year later, Dianne Jaeger joined Kip to collect, sort, wash, and distribute the clothes they were handing out. Clothing and hygiene products are the most important asset to a homeless person. We bring the clothes straight to the homeless, wherever they are, and ensure that each person gets something that fits them right. Clean clothes, a bookbag, and a pair of shoes can change someone’s life.

Eight years later and they’ve dispensed over 50,000 cups of hot soup, thousands of pounds of clothing, hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses and hygiene kits, and more Bibles and prayers than could be counted. And it’s all delivered in whatever weather God has in store, come rain, sleet, or shine.

Our Partners

It takes a community joining together to accomplish great things. We are so happy to have the help of these partners.

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